Our Favorite Trends and Looks for Summer 2017

Our Favorite Trends and Looks for Summer 2017

We are really starting to see the full effect of this season by its gorgeous weather, albeit a bit rainy! But after a few steamy days I welcome the rain to clean away the nasty pollen that comes with it. And although spring and summer can bring misery to us allergy sufferers, ... I love [...]

Two Piece Style For Prom 2017?

Prom night will be here before you know it, and picking the perfect look can be daunting at best.  After all, you are sure to look your celebrity style best on probably the biggest night of your senior year! But don't fret, keeping things simple, yet elegant will make your preparation a breeze. Let me ask you [...]

Post Globe 2017 Fashion!

The Globes are over and now it's time for "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" on the fashions that wowed! ... or, ... the fashions that make you say ... Wow, .... who the hell is her stylist!  I'm sure, the challenges for our fav actors and actresses are to walk that red carpet in hopes of wearing that piece that makes the best [...]